Trump Throws Pelosi And Schumer Into The Pain Cave, They’re Finished

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have been on a mission to stop Donald Trump from passing his healthcare reform. That’s why it hit them hard last week when Trump argued that even the “greatest plan in the history of the world” wouldn’t get their votes.

According to reports, after landing at Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport, Trump delivered a speech to families who struggled under Obamacare. During his appearance, he attacked Democrats who are desperately clutching to the Affordable Care Act rather than joining the Republican effort to repeal and replace it.

“We spent a lot of time yesterday with Mitch McConnell and a lot of the great senators that happen to be Republicans because we’re having no help, it’s the only obstruction from the Democrats,” Trump said. “The Democrats are destroying healthcare in this country…We have had no help. We will get no votes. No matter what we do, if we gave you the greatest plan in the history of the world, you would have no Democratic vote.”

“It’s all going to be Republicans or bust,” Trump said.

Trump’s speech comes shortly after Pelosi called Trump’s health care reform plan a “very sad, deadly joke.” Last month, Schumer labeled the new bill “barely legislation.”